Energy industry represented by an illustration of renewable energy


Transformation Is Fast Approaching

Energy reforms are preparing to sweep across Japan. The electricity industry is already taking its first steps towards deregulation and consumers will be able to choose their own electricity providers in 2016. The entire segment, including gas, will fully evolve by 2020.

Organizations throughout the country are readying for change; new ventures are being created in waves and utilities are evolving their strategies to protect themselves from competition.

Energy has been a topic of intense debate politically in the wake of the 2011 Great Earthquake. Japan has always lacked large quantities of domestic reserves and relied heavily on imports and nuclear power. The Japanese Government believes nuclear power is “the country’s most important power source.”

However, many people have a strong aversion to nuclear due to the disaster in Fukushima and public disapproval has been a major roadblock to restarting local nuclear power plants, fueling energy shortages in various regions. Services that help consumers reduce energy consumption during peak times are currently in high-demand. There is also a massive opportunity for renewable energy; currently, only 10% of Japan’s electricity comes from renewable sources.

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